AIMS Program at Tokyo Metropolitan University

2015 AIMS Inter-university course "Exercise on Town Planning in Tourism (Daikanyama Area)"

13 Dec. 2015

Field work class "Exercise on Town Planning in Tourism (Daikanyama Area)" conducted, visiting Daikanyama Area.

Daikanyama is well-known as a town with human-scale development as typified by Hillside Terrace designed by Architect Fumihiko Maki. Students learnt a unique urban design rule and associated community development activities in Mixed-use Town “Daikanyama” from Prof. Hitomi Kato and other members of "Daikanyama Concierge" (an association which takes actions on promoting the revitalization of the Daikanyama Area) prior to the excursion. And participants tried to consider its potential in terms of tourism development through the excursion.




posted on: Dec 13, 2015


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