AIMS Program at Tokyo Metropolitan University

Outbound 2019/2020

General Information

This program aims to provide Japanese students an opportunity to learn about the developments of food production, technology, town planning in a fast developing ASEAN country, Malaysia, and to develop human resources that can contribute to sustainable development as well as co-existence between humans and nature globally.

  • Period: late-August, 2019 ~ mid-January, 2020
  • Number of participants: 5
  • Host University and the faculties: 

       a) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
           Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying Link

       b) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
           Faculty of Forestry: Link
           Faculty of Economics and Management: Link

Important Matters

Before Visiting the Host University

All the participants are required to participate in some intensive courses offered by Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Ibaraki University prior to the program.

After Returning to Home University

Participants are required to make a presentation on the outcome of their study program at wrap up session (final outcomes presentation) organized by TMU (after returning to Japan) as well as assist the Malaysian students on AIMS program to TMU.

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme

Credits accumulated for certain classes at the host university are transferrable to TMU.

Financial Support to Outbound Students by TMU

  • Return airfare (100,000 yen at maximum) and accommodation cost during the program
  • Monthly allowance of 70,000 yen for a period of 5 months

Please note visa fees, transportation (excl. airfare), living cost including food, insurance cost is not provided to students by TMU.

Expenses prior to the departure

  • Visa Process Fee (About 16,000 yen) is required to obtain eVDR (visa with reference letter) from Immigration Bureau in Malaysia.
  • Students must enroll in a health and liability insurance scheme recommended by TMU, approximate cost is 100, 000 yen for 5 months stay in Malaysia.

Eligible Applicants

  • Third or Fourth year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences
  • English language skills (TOEIC above 550 points or similar)

Application Period

  • April 5 - 12, 2019

Selection Process

After the screening of application forms, an interview will be called for applicable students.
Download the application form the website ( Link).

Available Courses * to be determined.

a) Faculty of Built Enviornment and Surveying
- Environmental Studies
- Regional & Rural Planning
- Spatial Analysis and Modelling
- Sustainable Transportation 1
- Introduction to Environmental Economics
- Tourism Planning 1
- Urban Appreciation Techniques
- Planning Practice
- Planning Regislation
- Urban Economics
- Tourism Planning 3
- Rural Economic Development
- Landscape Ecology
- Park & Recreation Planning
- Photogrammetry II
- Hydrographic Surveying
- Geodesy I
- Remote Sensing Technology
- GIS Database
- Digital Image Processing
b) Faculty of Forestry, UPM
- Forestry Survey
- Geographic Information System in Forestry
- Forestry Road
- Remote Sensing in Forestry
- Forest Soil
- Biodiversity and Conservation
- Wildlife Management
- Biodiversity Assessment
- Forest Management I
- Forest Management II
- Urban Forest Management
- Recreational User Behavior
- Recreation Site Planning and Design
- Recreation Business Management
- Recreation Resource Ecology
- Recreational Wildlife Management
- Nature Education
- Ecotourism Management
- Recreation Marketing
- Heritage and Community Tourism Management
c) Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM
- Hospitality and Tourism Management
- Tourism and Recreation Economics
- Principles of Management
- Principles of Economics
- Principles of Marketing


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